Benz Micro RUBY ZL & RUBY ZH

Benz Micro’s RUBY S class cartridges feature a Zebra wood body, providing a balance of bass weight and pitch definition, resulting in a arm and natural soundstage. The RUBY ZL & ZH provide the low or high output levels.  

The Ruby Zebra cartridges weigh only 10.6 grams, making them ideal for a wide range of tonearms, including today’s state-of-the-arm, and older models lacking the energy control, bearing designs, or counter-weight range. Benz Micro cartridge owners have the added advantage of their trade-up programs.

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Benz Micro RUBY Z & ZH Awards & Reviews


The Absolute Sound 2006 Editors’ Choice Awards – 2006
Benz Micro Ruby 3 (Cartridges, $2000 and up)

The Absolute Sound Editors’ Choice Awards (December 2005)
Benz Ruby 2 Phono Cartridge